Think Inside The (Gift) Box …

Gift hampers or Gift baskets have been a popular gift for decades past. Gift baskets gained popularity during the years over the seasonal gifting periods such as Valentines Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas. As with everything in life things change and gift hampers found their way to the Corporate and Promotional Gifting Sector, under a new name, “Gift Packs”.

Traditionally, gift baskets and hampers are pre-made to cater for specific price points. We do it differently. We offer a tailor made service, where you select products from our catalogue or offering, tell us how you would like it presented or packed and we do the rest. 

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The possibilities are endless and provides you the opportunity to create your own unique branded gift hamper or pack. It gives you full control of the messaging, hamper or pack value, and product selection included in your Gift Hamper or Packs.

We can present your hamper to your employees or clients in a traditional style gift box with custom branding on the box, branded ribbon and a card or a printed sleeve. Or why not substitute the gift box with a handy branded Tote Bag, Reusable Coffee Mug or an Eco Lunch Box reducing packaging and waste. 

Picking a combination of products, branding it with your logo and delivering it to your clients is a great way to shows you’re thinking about them and it will keep you front of mind. This is, of course, not limited to your clients only. Gifting a custom designed hamper to your employees is a great way to celebrate an event, milestone or simply show them you appreciate all their hard work during this time, where we are all finding a new normal and integrating home and work life.

We have all changed how we communicate and reach out to clients and staff so why not change the way you look at corporate gifting and promotional products. We might not be able to meet clients and staff face to face that often anymore at conferences and events, but we can still reach out to staff and clients during this time with tailor made hampers or packs. With so many changes to how we live our day to day life these days, a little something extra will go a long way to help your employees and client feels connected to you, no matter where they might find themselves.

We offer a variety of delivery options includes to one location, split delivery to multiple offices or even arrange distribution for you to individual addresses. 

Need help with creating you’re hamper? No worries, reach out to us and we will collaborate and guide you through building your own special hamper or pack.