Chameleon Ceramic Coffee Mug

Chameleon Ceramic Coffee Mugs are classic round shape mugs with a modern twist. These mugs are a fantastic choice when looking for an environmentally friendly alternative that will promote your business in a one of a kind and effective way.


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Chameleon Ceramic Coffee Mugs are the classic round stoneware coffee mug shape and is presented in a black gift box.  It comes with a unique thermochromic coating that allows the branding to magically appear when hot liquid is added and then disappear again as it cools. Chameleon Ceramic Coffee Mugs are ideal for spot colour branding or full-colour wrap around branding that will really make a great impression.  The thermochromic coating can be overprinted but this print cannot be registered with the branding underneath. This product is not dishwasher safe and handwashing is recommended.