Why Are Backpacks So Popular As A Promotional Product?

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

We are often asked why promotional backpacks are so popular as a giveaway, corporate gift or marketing item. With some styles selling tens of thousands of units, the consensus is that this product offers some very fundamental advantages in the area of brand promotion for many companies, clubs and organisations alike. Most of our clients use at least one style of backpack in their marketing and promotional range.


Unique characteristics of backpacks making them suitable for brand promotion include:

Longevity – A good quality promotional backpack can and should last 10 years, offering maximum brand exposure for the purchaser.

Cost Effective – Backpacks can be fairly simple in design translating into a cost effective product and options are available to suit all budgets.

Quality & Style – In the same way complex and custom backpacks although more expensive, can offer unlimited features for clients with a discerning taste for quality and style.

Highly Brandable – Promotional backpacks offer large branding areas to convey your brand and message to your target market.

Usefulness – We give promotional backpacks a 5-Star rating in the usefulness category. The often simple yet useful backpack rarely gets thrown out and transcends age and gender, used everywhere from sport events, training, travel, school, team building, days at the beach, walks in the wild and corporate gifts.

Wide Variety: Promotional backpacks are offered in a variety of materials, giving the corporate company many options to meet their specific needs and budget.

Backpacks used for the functional purpose for which they were designed, offers an amazing platform to showcase your brand within your market. This integrated with the fact that more and more clients are demanding more environmentally friendly products has highlighted the need for new materials to be incorporated into backpacks offering clients sustainable and ethical considerations when marketing their company. These corporate responsibilities are an expected part of today’s corporate environment.

This Sees The Introduction Of Fabrics Like Natural Cottons, Hemp And Yes, Washable Paper. Washable Paper Is A Cellulose Based Material Using Wood Fibres And Has A Suede Leather Look And Feel, All While Being A Vegan, Water Resistant And Tear Resistant Raw Material. If You Are Designing A Bag From Scratch, The Variety Of Fabrics And Materials Are Endless And All Available To You Through Corporate Authority.

On A Recent Trip And Out Hiking With Some Friends, I Asked One Of Them Using A Branded Backpack Where They Had Got It? They Mentioned It Was Given To Them By A Friend Who Had Received It At Work But Already Had A Similar Promotional Backpack. Given The Nature Of My Background I Asked If He Was A Client Of The Company’s Name That Was Branded On The Bag? To Which He Answered “No”, But The Quality Was Good And The Bag Was Practical And Therefore He Was Happy To Market The Brand Even Though He Was Not A Direct Client Himself. Well, Therein Lies The “Case In Point” Moment. Showing The Power Of A Product That People Find Useful And Need In Everyday Life. Even If They Themselves Cannot Use It They Will Make Sure It Goes To Someone Who Can And This Is Where You Get Brand Exposure And Brand Expansion. Furthermore, Your Product Does Not Land Up In The Trash.

During the later part of last year I retired a promotional backpack our company had manufactured for a client some 11 years ago. I had the sample in my office at the time and started using it after our client had received their full order back in 2009.

I have travelled to many far away places with this backpack, used it snowboarding, took it on business trips, holidayed on island beaches and it had done more day trips than I can remember. All with my clients branding on it. Case in point!

Sometimes you simply cannot beat a good product to use in association with your brand and the promotional backpack is just one such product.

In the world of promotional merchandise and the thought of cheap and cheerful giveaways, the promotional backpack is just one of many helping to change that view.

With all the variety in the backpack range there is definitely something for every marketing budget. From the cheapest drawstring backpack to the most custom speciality backpack, the team at Corporate Authority highly rate this as a winning combination for brand awareness and exposure!


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